Offer – Building Automation System (BMS)

BMSes (Building Management Systems) play a key role in management and servicing of modern buildings. Their task is to control and monitor a number of building systems, and to inform the operators on alert conditions as well as collection of data from the connected systems. This system allows also creation of logical bindings among the building systems, influencing the comfort and economy of building operation.
Our offer includes design and execution of BMSes and visualisation systems for small and medium-size buildings.

BMS Designing

BMS design made in an appropriate moment of the project realisation allows selection of an optimal solution, to satisfy the investor’s demand. Coordination of assumptions of and requests from designers of other industries is important too. A BMS design makes offering and scheduling of the BMS realisation easier.
A BMS design is an investment that pays off!

BMS Execution

Execution of a BMS, with or without the design, consists of 3 main phases: cabling of communications mains, delivery and assembly of switchgears and a PC work station as well as system engineering (communication with the devices, configuration of devices and preparation of the user’s interface).
We install systems of leading manufacturers!

Solutions for Small Buildings

BMSes are expensive investments, expected to serve a long cycle of building operation, but it means a considerable financial outlay when the system is being created.
Where the budget does not provide for realisation of a complete BMS, or when the investor wants to realise the system step by step, we can propose the solution based on the equipment web servers. They allow integration of smaller installations at a considerably lower cost.What is important, scalability of those solutions allows later expansion of the system by adding further elements, and finally, to realise a complete BMS, using the primary installation.

Worth Knowing…


Open BMSes are those which allow integration of any devices of various manufacturers who use one of the leading open communications protocols dedicated to building automation (LonWorks, Bacnet, Modbus, KNX). Open systems do not make the user dependent on one manufacturer.


Scalable BMSes are those which allow building a micro-scale solution (for instance one installation managed by the webserver) and later easy expansion of its hardware and software, even up to a multistation system which serves a few buildings and many different installations.


AST (Alarming, Scheduling, Trending) functionality is a basic/minimal functionality of the BMSes, that allows reaching the effect of optimal control of the building. Notifications of alerts to the email address and by text message, handling of time schedules (calendars) and collection and analysis of data from the building – this is the AST.