Offer – HVAC Ventilation Automation

Ventilation system automation is responsible for such control of individual components that it would be possible to reach the requested parameters with the lowest possible energy consumption.
One should know that the share of the HVAC systems in the total energy consumption falls in the interval between 50 and 60%..
An optimally matched HVAC automation guarantees the efficient work of the installation, and generation of no redundant expenses.

Trust in our experience

Since many years, we have been designing and starting up ventilation automation. Our original control applications are based on controllers of reputable manufacturers (Schneider Electric, Carel). This allows us adapting the application to the user demands and handling of some untypical systems.
We can endow our automation with communications cards of the leading communications protocols (Modbus, Lonworks, Bacnet, KNX), and with control from touch-panels, a web-site, or a smartphone application.
automatyka HVAC schemat