Offer – Android and website control

Sterowanie Android i www AkmeWIZ is a service dedicated to small and medium-size buildings, where the BMSes are not complicated, but where the basic parameters of devices must be controlled.

How we do a micro BMS?

Using the webservers, it is possible to build a system of the functionality of a BMS, of virtually any installations, without servers, expensive software, licences or limit on points number.
By programming such cards in an appropriate way, we create a distributed control system, within which the user intuitively switches among the devices.
Using the company LAN, it is possible to get access to the data through an ordinary internet browser, and having an adequate configuration – also through the internet. We also provide the Android control (by smartphones and tablets with this operating system).

Visualisation may encompass any device with the Modbus RTU communications (like electricity meters, electric grid analysers, UPSes, ice water units, ventilation air handling units), any other installations controlled by the Carel controllers, and any analogue and digital signals – thorough the I/O modules. Choosing the AkmeWIZ, you get the access to the internet application and to the Android control!

Visualisation Through a Web browser

AkmeWIZ - wizualizacja www Monitoring and control of devices by means of internet browser.
You have at your disposal the control of the handling unit, calendar settings, alerts monitoring, and trends display.
It can work under LAN and/or WLAN.

AKMEwiz – Android application

AkmeWIZ - sterowanie Android Monitoring and control of devices by means of a smartphone with the Android system.
You have at your disposal the control of the handling unit, alerts monitoring, and calendar settings. The application can be used under LAN with wireless access. However, using the broadband internet, you have the access to alerts notification sent to the phone.

AkmeWIZ for VTS

AKMEwiz dla central VTSThe AkmeWIZ service is also available for the automation of the VTS ventilation air handling units with the uPC controller.

It is one of the cheapest solutions on the market , which allows the full supervision of the controller and monitoring of the VTS air handling units, as you use your own PC and built-in browser, and you get access to the application for the Android system smartphone.

Installation is quick and it can even be remotely controlled, and it may be a good start for building a more expanded control system – even a BMS, finally.

More information is available on dedicated websites:

See how it works on You Tube